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01 Gennaio 2017
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28 Novembre 2017
Vivelys rivoluziona il mercato delle doghe con la sua gamma Boisé® Inspiration, in occasione del SITEVI 2017

Riconosciuta per il suo approccio innovativo, Vivelys presenta al Sitevi la sua più recente soluzione. Questa novità dovrebbe imporsi come un punto di riferimento, che si inserisce nell’approccio visionario di cui dà prova da diversi anni.

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01 Settembre 2017
Karine Herrewyn is appointed Managing Director of the Vivelys Group.

The Oeneo Group appoints Karine Herrewyn as Managing Director of its subsidiary Vivelys, which specialises in advising and developing innovative technological solutions to optimise winemaking, as of September 1st, 2017.

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01 Dicembre 2016
Collaborazione Vivelys e M-Cador

In occasione della seconda edizione di Innov and Connect, il programma di accelerazione imprenditoriale ideato da BNP Paribas, OENEO conferma il proprio impegno sul fronte dell’innovazione.

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Official launch of the digital Mas.

Carried by Montpellier SupAgro and supported in a patronage framework by the companies Smag, Vivelys, Pera-Pellenc (Pellenc Group) and UK, as well as ten other partners specializing in digital agriculture, the digital Mas is an exemplary connected vineyard, using the most successful technologies on the market for their production.

30 Agosto 2017
Berry sugar loading: an indicator of grape quality.

The sugar loading of grape berries (changes in the amount of sugar per berry) has been widely described by Prof. Deloire in the last decade. It is a physiological marker that integrates how the vine functions in its environment. Interpreting sugar loading curves provides winegrowers and winemakers with real-time monitoring of grape aging, at the plot, vineyard and regional levels.

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The Viticulture Blog, Fruition Sciences
07 Agosto 2017
Sugar loading in the grape's berries: an integrative indicator of the harvest quality. The behavior of Merlot in the last 11 vintages of Bordeaux.

Author: Nicolas BERNARD

This analysis reveals the advantage of measuring the sugar loading of grape berries during the aging process. Its integrative nature, relatively easy measurement process, and its anticipatory nature make it a good indicator of understanding the vintage, and a decision-making tool for harvest dates.

Revue de Œnologues et des Techniques Viticoles et Œnologiques
15 Luglio 2017
Fermenters - a risk for active dry yeast.

Author: Marion BAZIREAU

Thanks to fermenters, the cellar only needs 100 kg of yeast to inoculate its 90,000 hl annually, versus 15 tonnes previously. "In a 20 hl fermenter, it is necessary to add 1 kg of dry active yeast, must water, centrifuged or filtered DAP, and in rare cases potassium bicarbonate, to deacidify the medium. All of this is then stirred continuously with inputs of oxygen thanks to a flow controller," says Jean François Gilis, the Product Manager at Vivelys. When the yeast froths too much, the cellar must also add an anti-frothing agent based on plant oil, "less than 1 mg/hl and with no residue in the wine".

La Vigne
13 Luglio 2017
More top of the range products thanks to piloting the alcoholic fermentation.

Author: Clara DE NADAILLAC

Some of the vats on the Mont Aigu site in Champagne have been equipped with CO2 sensors. This makes it possible to monitor, in real time, any changes in the alcoholic fermentation of each barrel so as to optimize wine quality.

Réussir Vigne
01 Luglio 2017
Viteff recognizes five innovations.

Author: Clara DE NADAILLAC

The Viteff trade show, dedicated to sparkling wines, will take place from October 17 to 20, 2017, at the Millesium in Epernay, in the Marne département. Duguit, Ipsum, Naïo Technologies, Saïca Pack and Vivelys are the five companies that have been picked by the Viteff jury, as part of the Innovation Prizes of the Champagne region trade show.

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Réussir Vigne
28 Giugno 2017



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