Innovation to benefit your wines
We use technology to help implement your production strategy
We offer innovative solutions to help define and implement your production strategy. Our exclusive technologies ensure that you can manage your wines and bring out their true character, while meeting the needs of agronomists, oenologists, quality controllers and sales & marketing teams.
As a frontrunner in precision oenology, Vivelys strives to optimise the winemaking process by mastering the key parameters at each stage.
Know-how gained through R&D helps Vivelys to identify the most suitable technical processes and to suggest the right management tools. This expertise is shared by our consultants around the world, allowing us to provide a solution so that each wine reaches its full potential
Vivelys is a pioneer in innovation, and leads the winemaking sector in the development of new and exclusive solutions
During its 20 years of innovation, Vivelys has led the way in terms of technology to benefit winemaking. It began with the first international micro-oxygenation patent (1993), and was followed by a complete offer covering the detection and counting of Brettanomyces (2004). Dyostem (2006) brought a grape profiling management tool to the vineyards, and then Scalya® (2012), presented the first solution for vinification management, ensuring that innovative technology would be available throughout the entire winemaking process.
Vivelys now offers a unique range of solutions, from vineyard to bottle.
With our cross-disciplinary, vine-to-wine knowledge, we can offer expertise and tools to ensure consistency and a global vision on all the actions taken that define the desired wine, right through to its operational implementation.
From grape to wine
A process that ensures you achieve your goal

References & cases studies

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Who are we

Our methodology is informed by our expertise in winemaking and R&D.
A team of experts
Our team of engineers and oenologists are available to answer your questions.
Independence and the sharing of know-how
We are committed to ensuring your teams’ independence in order to achieve sustainable post-project results.
Our innovative range of equipment facilitates decision-making and management.