Our expertise

Understanding and innovating to reveal & enhance your wines
Wine has been at the heart of our innovations for the last 20 years. Today, we help winemakers throughout the world to understand their markets and manage their vineyards, vinification, and quality. We strive to understand the key parameters at each stage, to ensure that every parcel and every wine expresses its full character, vintage after vintage.
We assist winemakers
in accelerating their development
Find out about the leading wines and trends on your markets

To evaluate your markets and position your wines, Vivelys offers comprehensive studies that combine local and international market data  (volume, prices, trends, etc.) with a sensory evaluation of the leading wines.
We study the position of your ranges in their market environment using a comprehensive in-depth and factual synthesis to guide you as you make strategic choices.

Formalise and perpetuate the company’s technical know-how

Because know-how is the key to successful winemaking , we help you formalise and pass on this precious knowledge.
Our production strategy experience has driven us to develop methods that allow the company’s internal know-how to be formalised in a way that is clear, shared and easy to pass on .

Our solutions
to help our clients succeed
Exclusive support to ensure you produce successful wines
Innovation to benefit your wines
Profile designer
From grape to wine
A process that ensures you achieve your goal

References & cases studies

Guaranteeing grape profiles
Making the right choices in the vineyard to optimise a wine’s profile
Production strategy for entry level wines
Guaranteeing wine quality
Consolidating the process to optimise quality
Enhance your premium wines with vineyard yeasts
Optimising the extraction stage for white musts
Identifying how vintages affect volumes and profitability
Creation of an expert sensory panel to define wine profiles and ensure consistency

Who are we

Our methodology is informed by our expertise in winemaking and R&D.
A team of experts
Our team of engineers and oenologists are available to answer your questions.
Independence and the sharing of know-how
We are committed to ensuring your teams’ independence in order to achieve sustainable post-project results.
Our innovative range of equipment facilitates decision-making and management.